Vanwasi Sashaktikaran Kendra , Megh nagar, Jhabua

Tribal Empowerment Center ( Bada Ghosliya , Megh Nagar, Jhabua) : is situated on a 18 Beegha land and a total constructed area of 6500 sq. feet till now.

It has been observed that the children from economically backward class households whom parents migrate from one place to another place in search of employment, can’t able to continue their proper education. To overcome this shortcoming , Sewa Bharti has stared many Hostels for such children, so they can resides there and can pursue their education. On the other hand , their parents can also relax on the side of their children’s care & education. Now on the one hand children are getting education & their parents are earning their livelihood without any concern for their children’s education.

At present there are 29 children who are residing in the Hostel from 3rd standard to 10th standard. There are many self reliance activities also which are being run at the center :-

1. Light fitting training, Plumber fitting training & electrical series (Dipawali & other functions) preparation training.

2. Organic Manure & bio pesticide preparation training.

3. Stitching (Silai) Training to women.

4. Rakhi making & other seasonal employments training.

5. A Gaushala being operated there , which generates bio gas and also supports generation of nursery plants (Paudhshala) of self reliance generation ( fruitful plants) . Till now 300 cows being given to villagers for the Gaupalan.

In future there are some projects which are to be commenced & enhanced there are :-

a. Setting up of advanced Lab. for horticulture, Fruit plant saplings generation & enhancement of organic practices cum research there.

b. Setting up of a Medical Center & Ambulance 365 days a year. Various Medical camps can be organized there in near future.

c. Capacity enhancement of Hostel , Gaushala (Scientific Approach), Organic farming training & practice Center ,Stitching Training Center, Light, Electrical & plumber fitting training Center.

d. Setting up of self help group training & facilitation center their of practical training.

e. Other Centers as desired on the time being for self reliance for tribal village households.

For the above mentioned projects & value addition works to be established , an estimated budget costing of Rs.5 Crore is required. All the projects of Sewa Bharti is being run with the cooperation of Society Peoples.

Anyone can adopt Student’s yearly expenditure and provide resources for the education and well being. The List of Students residing at the Hostel are as following:-

1. Kantilal s/o Shambhu gram Niharpura

2. Manish s/o Premsingh gram Navapadha

3. Nandkishore s/o madhusinh gram Badha Saluniya

4. Sunil s/o Dinesh gram Matarudhi

5. Jeevan s/o Lal singh gram Chhota Lasuniya

6. Uday Singh s/o Govardhan gram Badha Lasuniya

7. Bantu s/o Nanalal gram Manasiya

8. Kamlesh s/o Mohan gram Gwalrundi

9. Kalu s/o Nanuram gram Suthwadiya

10. Parshuram s/o Nandram gram Salarpadha

11. Karan s/o Tol Singh gram Bhurimati

12. Vijay s/o Bala gram Kataradhamni

13. Dilip s/o Pangu gram Samoi

14. Akhilesh s/o Pangu gram Samoi

15. Ankesh s/o Dinesh gram Samoi

16. Ramu s/o Lalusingh gram Samoi

17. Anil s/o Ralu gram Bhurimati

18. Jitya s/o Ditmal gram Khedi

19. Jitendra s/o Deetmal gram Khedi

20. Sunil s/o Dhansingh gram Gundipadha

21. Suresh s/o Dhansingh gram Gundipadha

22. Dilip s/o Kailash gram Silkhodari

23. Jeevan s/o Aansingh gram Antarweliya

24. Pankaj s/o Badhig gram Umaradara

25. Sewaram s/o Rumal Singh gram Umaradara

26. Dilip s/o Kheemchand gram Bedawali

27. Karan s/o Chainsingh gram Rampura

28. Sunil s/o Khushal gram Parweliya

29. Bhura s/o Khuman gram Jhosali

Class wise details of Students are following :-

Third = 3 Fourth = 3 Fifth =1 Sixth =5 Seventh =11 Eighth =4 Ninth =1 Tenth =1

For more information & details, Please Contact at numbers 8989822899 & 0731-2548483..

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