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After the commencement of so called green revolution in india , we have poured tons of chemical fertilizers & pesticides on our land’s top soil making them poisonous , infertile, hard …the top soil that we had enriched for years! It has been calculated that only 1/30th of the earth’s top soil has to feed the whole world, other part of earth is not useful for cultivation. The results are obvious, decreased production year by year , infertile land, high cost leads to suicides of farmers, polluted water resources, increased hospital bills due to sub standard food consumption, conversion of farmers to daily wage laborers….and many more to count…list is endless

To encounter this misery or we can say tragedy sewa bharti through its volunteers trained in the organic farming practices organize camps, awareness programs & centers for facilitation & revival of organic farming again in Bharat. Through our continuous efforts , hectares of land has been converted to organic from chemical farming. The shift has flowered farmers with better financials, non – poisonous work culture, self dignity & their native habitats. On the consumer end healthy non-poisonous, non GMO food accompanied with decreased medical bills & most important the soul centric food are the obvious gifts.

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