Swasthya Mandir (Sewa Bharti Naturopathy Treatment-Relaxation-Rejuvenation Center) at Agar

Nature is the best doctor”. Amidst the side effects, costliness, unnatural ways of treatments, there has been a great need to cure diseases in a way that is natural, less costly & existence friendly.

Sewa Bharti operates residential Naturopathy Treatment-Relaxation-Rejuvenation Center (Swasthya Mandir) at Agar, Sarangpur road ( 2 KM away from Agar Nagar ) with a capacity of 32 beds ( 5 Acre lush green campus with amenities) providing best healthcare to patients by treatment procedures like Shirodhara, Massage, Acupressure- Acupuncture-Sujok , Natural diet, Panchkarma , Soil treatment, Sauna bath, Kati Snan, IFT (Blood pressure) , Yoga etc. natural ways.

The treatment of the diseases like obesity, constipation, kidney-lever diseases, blood pressure, sugar, joint pain, women related diseases, slip disc, migraine, asthma, skin diseases etc. are being done here in the lap of mother nature. The experience of cured patients and visitors are the most precious reward honored to this center. There is a separate arrangement for the treatment of women patients. Not only patients but a healthy person can also come here for body-mind-soul relaxation.10 days residential camps are also being organized for the rejuvenation of body through Kidney cleansing, Lever cleansing etc. Besides providing class facilities at the center to patients & healthy persons, the cost is very low & affordable.

You can also visit or reside in this Center as per your convenience but with prior intimation. Besides the utmost care taken by facilitators here, you can also enjoy the facilities like Acupressure Track, Gaudarshan, lush green garden, clean air etc. to rejoice yourself.

For more details or to visit the center please contact at 9425915115, 9893967111, 8085186270, 8989074647.

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