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Matruchhaya Orphan Children Homes

A Newborn baby girl was discovered in a garbage bag after she was dumped on the side of the road in terrible conditions, covered in ants……….

An abandoned newborn baby has been discovered being 'eaten alive' by ants after being left in garbage.....!!!....

There are many such real news stories you generally read in daily News Papers or in social question certainly would have come in your mind is, who takes care of such babies till their adoption & afterwards....!

we at Matruchhaya orphan children homes, takes motherly care of such babies and provide them initial costly medication & surgery, proper nutrition ...& finally give them in the hands of caring families through proper statutory adoption procedure. Every aspect of children’s health being taken care & most important , provide them motherly care through our devoted volunteers. So far, there are 247 children adopted by families through Matruchhaya. The rest of the children who are not adopted by families due to some reasons have been given proper education & hostels to nurture them till their self reliance. Matruchhaya institution also has a baby house.

Currently we have one Matruchhaya in Indore & one in Ujjain under Malwa Region.

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